Buying A Foreclosure

Dated: 10/02/2017

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Buying a foreclosure is not for everyone.  Most go to investors because they have the cash to pick them up or out bid home owners who have little or no money to put down. A great program to help owner occupents is HUD. A HUD home is when a government-insured loan (FHA) gets foreclosed and the Federal Housing and Unban Development pays the defaulted loan off, and then puts the home on the market. 

Many people are interested in buying HUD owned houses because of a possible low market value of the home. HUD does list the homes for a reasonable value, however, some great deals are available depending on the home and the price negotiated between the buyer and the listing HUD agency. 
To purchase a HUD owned home you must work with a HUD registered real estate agent to place bid. Our office holds a HUD contract and we know the guide lines HUD has. 

HUD owned homes are sold *as is* with no warranty of any type. It is your responsibility to get the home inspected in order to identify any potential or existing problems with the home. We will send you a list of home inspectors but you are free to use anyone you wish as long as they are certified by TREC. If the home has issues that need to be fixed in order to fiance you can roll up to a certain amount into escrow on your loan. With in 30 days repairs have to be made and they will come back out to the property to check please speak with your lender (things are always changing). 

HUD homes that are for sale can be a great way to purchase your own home or find opportunities for real estate investment properties. Check out to search for HUD listings! To learn more tune in Wednesday October 4th @ 9pm as we go LIVE on FACEBOOK >>>LIKE OUR PAGE TO GET ALERTS<<<

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